Me in a minute

I’m a Swede living in Berlin and like everyone else who came to this town, yes, I was a DJ for a while.

I’m a dad, a father of two, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt and a Vipassana enthusiast. 

Who wants a silent fight? 🐼👊

My education has been varied. I studied at Hyper Island and worked with communication & community building in the startup world for 10 years. I even had my own start up when I was 17. I called it coffeecow, and it won an award for Entrepreneur of the year. 

I am a certified ADAPT coach and I worked at The DO School for 2 years helping large global organizations such as H&M, BMW and Uniliver transform.

I am an optimist 🤗

I speak great swedish, better english and above average German, that’s always getting better (I told you I was an optimist).

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